by Ann Coyle

Nursing students in Army ROTC learn leadership skills and garner valuable field experiences that allow them to serve in a wide range of specialties. Through extensive training, mentoring, and hands-on education, the Army ROTC Nursing Student program gives students the opportunity to develop and improve their leadership skills along with their medical capabilities.

Army ROTC nurses are granted a much higher degree of independence than nurses who work in civilian health care; the Corps allows its nurses to utilize their professional judgment in providing comprehensive treatments to their patients. Because Army ROTC nurses are themselves soldiers, their expertise in creating a holistic health care program for other soldiers is unmatched.

The U.S. Army currently offers a Nurse Summer Training Program for ROTC cadets as an introduction to the Army Medical Department. Individuals interested in enrolling in the Army ROTC nursing program may learn more by visiting

About the Author: Law and health care professional Ann Coyle possesses years of experience in helping others through a variety of forums. Upon completing her Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of Maine, Ms. Coyle entered the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) nursing program on a full-tuition, two-year scholarship. In addition to her time in the ROTC nursing program, Ann Coyle received training and education at the Army Medical Department’s Officer Basic Course and served as a Field Medical Officer with the Maine Army National Guard for eight years. She currently resides in Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, near the town of Lebanon.